The only scalable, full-service Enterprise Solution for conversational aI

Enabeling employees, optimizing and automatising processes, reducing wait times, cutting back on costs, increasing revenue.

"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great." - John D. Rockefeller

Complex use cases require specialists. is the best choice to upgrade your IT and use innovation not just as a fancy marketing strategy, but use technology to improve your numbers as well as your customer and employee satisfaction!


Get the talent you want, by

  • being available throughout the process

  • transporting the corporate brand

  • enabeling people


Increase retention and enable upscaling, by

  • offering multilanguage support

  • being helpful around the clock, without any wait times


Scale customer satisfaction and retention, by

  • being available on all consumer channels, text, voice and other

  • offering instant support

  • giving quality info and transporting the brand


Saving money and being faster, by

  • automatising processes

  • guiding user through the processes faster and without errors

  • optimising processes

For what can you use Digital Assistants made with Lyfeforms?

VOICE CHAT is a specialist in speech and voice applications! No matter if you want to use your Digital Assistant in a call center, smart home device, mobile app, or any other!

TEXT CHAT, of course, also supports the classical and very multipurpose, chatbot. YOU can decide if it should be a very guided dialog or based on a free-flowing conversation!

ROBOTS AND OTHER offers a true omnichannel platform. You can use your Digital Assistant on any platform! For example on robots, mobile phones, Smart Home devices such as Amazon Alexa and many, many others!

Why should you choose


Digitalisation and the automation of processes is about saving time and money. Digital Assistants will do just that. No matter if used in a specific use case or a whole or multiple departments, a Digital Assistant will free up resources!


A Digital Assistant enables 1:n communication! No waiting times, support any many different languages, consistent quality information and branding. Especially being available on many different channels.


The optimisation of resources will enable your employees to take on more complex tasks, enabeling them to grow and produce higher value to your company.

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