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The future of conversational AI are Lyfeforms.

Phonebots and Chatbots are the future of customer engagement.

The Hub and Lab are the most advanced no-code, production ready and high-quality solution.


Our platform helps build the most advanced and user-friendly Digital Assistants worldwide. From Phonebots, Chatbots and Robot Personalities, the platform is the base for many international Digital Assistants.

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Types of Digital Assistants


Phonebots are IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems. They are taking calls and supporting you and your clients verbally, understanding and responding in speech.


Chatbots are text-based and can support you and your clients on a multitude of User Interfaces, such as Websites, Apps and more in written words.


Robots, not matter if social robots, service robots, Cobots, or Smart Home Devices, a natural, human way of interaction is the next step in integrating these machines in our lives.


We often get asked if our platform only works for complex or easy use cases. The answer is: both! And yes, we use Conversational Artificial Intelligence for both scenarios. The truth is that some use cases may be more guided then others, some use cases may need a lot of function extensions or user interfaces, but language doesn't change that much. Our platform is not about building scripts, but enabeling automated, but natural communication.

Easy Use Cases

An "easy" use case is often defined as a largely guided dialog, where the user isn't supposed to ask a lot of open questions, but is a) restricted in what they can ask and/or b) guided by options.

Complex use Cases

A use case is usually "complex" when we want users to be able to ask many open questions, possibly outside of the scope that we build the Digital Assistant for. Either way, it is advised to also offer options.

Benefits of Digital Assistants

Language Barriers

Around 30% of customers and potential clients are lost because of language barriers, no matter if in pre-sales or support. Digital Assistants can speek a multitude of languages!

24/7 Availability

Studies have shown that for 75% of customers, response times are the most important attribute for customer experience. Digital Assistants are always available, 24/7!

No human biases

Digital Assistants are never biased by the user. This very beneficial for the comfort of the users in any scenario, but especially when it is about financial, privat or potentially "stupid" questions.

Well organised

Digital Assistants will always conduct business in a well organised and efficient way. Cutting down on the required time to solve the inquiry.

Upscaling employees

More than 80% of the inquiries to support desks are 1st and 2nd level and can be solved easily, but take up a lot of time from human agents. Digital Assistants enable humans to focus on high-value tasks instead!

Trust in Infromation

52% of clients actually think about if what an Agent said is actually the correct information. The accuracy of Digital Assistants is never contested! And thanks to the customisation information will always be branded correctly.

How does it work?


Get in touch and request access to the platform, request a Demo and/or to setup a call to go over your questions.

Our system is currently only accessible for B2B(2C) clients.


Book a (minimum) 1 day, training with our specialists to enable your team to build and maintain their own Digital Assistants.

Includes basics on Digital Assistants, best practices, practical tests, and more.


Our specialist will support you every step of the way!

We can either help you when needed or accompany you on your Digital Assistant journey, to make sure everything is ready for Go-Live.

Why should you choose

Deep Domain and Sector Knowledge is formed by specialists in their areas. As such we expect our colleagues to have latest theoretical and practical knowledge about bleeding-edge and state-of-the-art technologies.

Over 10 years first-hand expert experience has worked with numerous Small and Medium sized companies, as well as Enterprises and Governments. Not only is that a real-life understanding on how Digital Assistants should operate, but also knowing by experience where to look for potential hurdles.

110% integrity and transparency will always make sure that you get a solution that is exactly what you need. We have the highest requirements to ourselves to deliver best quality to our clients, no matter what!

programs & Partnerships

All the programs and partnersips that we work in and with enable us to have a big professional network at our back, ready to take on any challenge!

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