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Get in touch with us and get support on your Digitalisation journey. We support you to analyse, strategize and implement everything you need to scale your business efficiently.

Digital Assistant Training Plattform

Use our easy-to-use, no-code, production ready plattform to train and maintain multiple multi-lingual Phonebots, Chatbots and Robot personalities.


Our experiences with clients have tought us how to navigate the structures in big, international, multilingual Enterprises, as well as Governments and smaller & medium sized businesses.

Bayer AG

Die Sparkasse

Daimler AG

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 Why should you choose

Deep Domain and Sector Knowledge is formed by specialists in their areas. As such we expect our colleagues to have latest theoretical and practical knowledge about bleeding-edge and state-of-the-art technologies.

Over 10 years first-hand expert experience has worked with numerous Small and Medium sized companies, as well as Enterprises and Governments. Not only is that a real-life understanding on how organisations should work, but also knowing by experience where to look for pain points.

110% integrity and transparency will always make sure that you get a solution that is exactly what you need. We have the highest requirements to ourselves to deliver best quality to our clients, no matter what!

programs & Partnerships

All the programs and partnersips that we work in and with enable us to have a big professional network at our back, ready to take on any challenge!

German Accelerator

Microsoft Bizspark

Airbus BizLab Accelerator

Blue Hackers Club

Pepper Partner Program

SAP PartnerEdge

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